Start a Meeting!

Interested in starting a meeting or changing a meeting?

It’s easy! Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. A group representative must attend a Lambda South Board Meeting and request specific time(s) and meeting space that will not conflict with the current schedule.
  2. All new groups must be comprised of a steering committee consisted of not less than three trusted servants who commit to the responsibility of that meeting for a minimum of three months. We ask that you collect 10 names of individuals who are interested in regularly attending the new meeting.
  3. All groups musts adhere to the Lambda South Bylaws as well as the Code of Conduct.
Big Book, Beginners, Step, Topic etc.

In accordance with the Guidelines on Clubs published by AA World Service, 12-step groups are not affiliated with Lambda South, Inc. except as tenants. No endorsement exists, and none should be implied nor inferred from the rental of the facilities. Lambda South, Inc. does not interfere with the 7th Tradition of AA, which states that every group should be self-supporting, declining outside contributions. These Guidelines further advise groups that “this includes paying a fair rent for use of the facilities, maintaining a separate treasury, and making its own contributions directly to the local central/intergroup office, the district, the area general service committee, and to GSO.” Membership in Lambda South, Inc. is independent of membership in any of the various groups that use the facilities.

Accordingly, rent for the meeting rooms is as follows, and is subject to change as per the Bylaws of Lambda South.

Please see a Board member for details on the Reduced Rate special offer. Additional or alternative arrangements may be coordinated with Board approval. Rent payment items are detailed in the bylaws.

Updated: 9/22/11