Rotunda at Lambda South

Make a Donation to Lambda South

Many people have helped to build Lambda South over the years by making donations in excess of their annual membership dues. Donations can be one-time, for a specific project, or ongoing through your debit or credit card. You can send donations online through our Membership Portal (use Donations button below),  you can drop-off checks at the clubhouse or you can post them in the mail. (See instructions under Joining or renewing by mail or in-person for more detailed instructions. Our mailing address is on the Contacts page.)

Matching Contributions

In addition to your personal donations, please check to see if your employer offers matching contributions. Matching contributions are a great way to leverage your donation into a much bigger impact.

Contact our Treasurer to discuss setting up Matching Contributions with your employer.

Estate Planning

Following the 7th Tradition, recovery groups generally do not accept large donations from individuals who are doing estate planning. Because Lambda South, Inc. is a separate entity and not bound by the 12 Traditions in this regard, many of our members have decided to include Lambda South in their estate planning. This way they can insure that a safe recovery space for the GLBTQ community survives after they pass.

Contact our Treasurer to discuss Estate Planning with Lambda South.