COVID-19 and Lambda South

July 24, 2020

Dear Lambda South Community,

The Board of Directors conducted a survey of active dues-paid members regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The survey was conducted at the urging of membership and board members to better understand the membership’s perspective directly.  58 dues paid members voted in the survey.  Below is a summary of the survey results.  (Vote count is in Bold Italic)

Lambda South should

  • 34 be temporarily CLOSED
  • 24 Remain OPEN

If Lambda South remains open, what should cause a re-closure?

  • 17 Lambda South should only be closed when state or local government forces a closure.
  • 15 Lambda South should be closed when local or state government issues a stay-at-home order.
  • 12 Lambda South should be closed when retail and/or restaurants are closed by local or state government.
  • 14 Other

If Lambda South is closed, when should Lambda South re-open?

  • 30 Lambda should re-open only when statistics (postivity rate, hospitalizations, deaths) decrease for 14 days in South Florida.
  • 6 Lambda should re-open when a COVID vaccine is available and the pandemic is ending.
  • 10 Lambda should re-open when public spaces like playgrounds, public schools, and city libraries are open.
  • 12 Other

Since Lambda South re-opened on June 15th, 2020 . . .

  • 5 I have attended 1 or more meetings at Lambda South.
  • 4 I have attended 5 or more meetings at Lambda South.
  • 6 I have attended 10 or more meetings at Lambda South.
  • 38 I have NOT attended any meetings at Lambda South.
  •  4 I have NOT attended any meetings at Lambda South, but plan to attend a meeting there soon.

Over the past 3 ½ months we have heard from many in our Lambda South recovery community.  We appreciate the constructive input we have received and remain open to hearing your opinion.  Based on the input we have heard and the results of this poll, the board has voted to TEMPORARILY CLOSE Lambda South starting Saturday, July 25th.  Friday, July 24th will be the last day for meetings at this time.  Please know that this vote was not easy for board members.  

The next scheduled board meeting is Saturday, August 8th.    

Visit our webpage to find a virtual meeting, create a virtual or facetime meeting of your own, or start an outdoor meeting with a few sober fellows!

Yours in Service,  
The Lambda South Board of Directors

June 9, 2020

Dear Lambda South Community and Trusted Servants,

Lambda South will be partially open beginning Monday, June 15th, 2020.  Due to the persistent presence of COVID-19 in our community, additional precautions are required for the protection of those using our building.  Violation of the guidelines below are grounds for removal and/or suspension of a meeting.

1.    No early arrivals or after meeting loitering.  No person should arrive to the clubhouse more than 10 min prior to the beginning of a meeting.  Attendees should disperse immediately following their meeting.  Quick dispersal is especially important for consecutively scheduled groups.
2.    No socializing or fellowship is allowed on Lambda South property.  This specifically means our patio, hallway, kitchen area, or empty meeting rooms. 
3.    Closed kitchen.  No food can be served at meetings.  This means no coffee, use of coffee mugs, or vending machines.  Meeting attendees are welcome to bring their own beverage or coffee.  All drink containers, disposable or otherwise need to leave with the individual it came with.  If you bring it, leave with it.
4.    Socially Distanced Seating has been arranged in each room.  This significantly limits the amount of people able to attend a meeting. 

  • Room 1 capacity is 27 people.
  • Room 2 capacity is 12 people.
  • Room 3 capacity is 14 people.
  • Men’s Restroom Capacity is 2 people.
  • Women’s Restroom Capacity is 2 people.
  • Capacity numbers include the chairperson, secretary, and other meeting leadership.
  • A meeting may move to the large room free of charge if there is no conflict with another meeting.
  • When a meeting reaches capacity, the group is welcome to start a second meeting in an adjacent room if there is no conflict with another meeting.
  • Chairs may not be moved from their markers.  No sitting on the floor or standing in the room, halls, or doorways. 
  • Capacity limits are posted on each room door and should be STRICTLY enforced by each meeting’s trusted servants.
  • Violation will result in suspension of the group’s meetings. 

5.    Face masks are required to be worn at ALL TIMES while on Lambda South property.  Face masks must be worn when speaking
6.    Clean Touch points after each meeting.  A labelled “Cleaning Bucket” is present in each room.  Every meeting must wipe down each chair, doorknob, table surface, stationary collection bucket and light switch immediately following their meeting.  This includes the bathrooms, hallway, front door, and gate.

7.    Hand Sanitizer will be available in each room.  The touchless hand sanitizer dispensers in the clubhouse are on a significant back order for refills.  When possible provide your own hand sanitizer.
8.    June rent is optional.  Some groups have continued to pay monthly rent to support Lambda.  We recognize many groups need time to get back on their financial feet.  Regular rent payments will resume in July.  If your group needs additional time, or for a temporarily reduced rate, please contact asst-treasurer@lambdasouth.comand

9.    Treatment Centers are not allowed to bring patients to Lambda South.  Excuse any treatment center patients immediately.  Provide with the name of the treatment center dropping off patients, and the board will reach out to the treatment center to clarify this temporary policy.

10.  Self-Enforcement of these guidelines and precautions. A consistent concern for the Board of Directors is enforcement of these precautions.  Lambda South does not have staff to clean after each meeting or ensure compliance.  We expect groups to self-regulate.  In the event that a group needs additional help with enforcement, please contact If a group is unable to adhere to these guidelines the group will be suspended.
11.  Required Script for the beginning of each meeting is posted on each meeting room table.  This script must be read at the beginning of each meeting:

“Welcome to Lambda South from the Board of Directors.  As we all work to stay sober and safe, please remember:

  • When entering Lambda South, you agree to accept the inherent risks of COVID-19 transmission.  If you have experienced cough, fever, or other respiratory symptoms or come into contact with a suspected COVID-19 case, please excuse yourself from this meeting.
  • Face masks must be worn at ALL TIMES, even when speaking in a meeting.
  • No fellowship, socializing, or loitering before or this meeting.
  • All touch points, including chairs, must be wiped with provided cleaner after this meeting. 
  • Chairs may not be moved from their markers or added to a meeting.  Standing in the room or sitting on the floor is not permitted.  Strictly adhere to this rooms limit of ___ people.
  • Room 1 (Big Room) Only:  This room must be exited through the South facing Las Olas Exit.  Exiting through the hallway and courtyard is not permitted.
  • If this meeting reaches capacity, please consider giving up your seat or start a new meeting in another room when available. 
  • Each group is responsible for self- enforcing these guidelines.
  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in suspension of group meeting privileges. 
  • These changes are only temporary.  In order for this to work, we all have to work together.” 

12.    Suggestions from the Board of Directors

  • Continue to hold online meetings.  Many in our community continue to practice some level of quarantine. 
  • Use our WIFI and your hardware (phone, tablet, laptop) to cast the in-person meeting.  For the sake of anonymity, audio-only should be considered.  A test meeting running Zoom on a laptop and clubhouse WIFI has been successful for virtual and in-person attendees.
  • Consider a delayed return.  Each group does not have to resume in-person meetings immediately.  
  • Discontinue passing the basket.  Use the provided stationary basket in to take a collection at the beginning or end of each meeting.  Consider creating electronic options like Venmo or Zelle. 
  • Give us feedback at What is working for your meeting?  What is not working?  Does your group have creative solutions to share?  How can the Lambda South Board of Directors better support your group?

The Board of Directors recognizes that many of these guidelines may seem burdensome and inconvenient.  Please remember that these guidelines are only temporary and designed for the safety of those attending Lambda South.  The board will revisit these guidelines at our next board meeting on July 11th, 2020.  

Yours in Service,
The Lambda South Board of Directors

May 18, 2020

Lambda South is committed to helping protect the health and safety of our supporting members and all who attend meetings on our campus.

The Board of Directors held a virtual meeting this evening to discuss a phased approach to reopening the clubhouse. Guided by the principle that “our common welfare should come first,” it was decided that Lambda South will tentatively reopen on Monday, June 15. While this date is a goal – it is important to note it is tentative. We are closely monitoring the changing situation and in the process of setting safety guidelines that align with federal, state, and local directives. 

Moving forward, you can expect to receive a communication from us every Monday with updates and announcements. We encourage you to visit our website for a list of links to group virtual meetings. 

We are all in this together and look forward to seeing you again, very soon, in-person at Lambda South!

In love and service,
The Lambda South Board of Directors

March 28, 2020

Update: As the Coronavirus/COVID-19 continues to spread in South Florida, we are unable to re-open by April 1st as we had hoped. The board will continue to monitor the situation and announce a re-opening date as soon as local and state officials give the all-clear.

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, stay sober and serene.

In love and service,
The Lambda South Board of Directors

March 14, 2020

To the Lambda South Community:

As we are all aware, COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) is having a wide effect. Our Florida Governor and Fort Lauderdale Mayor both declared States of Emergency. Our concern for the health and well-being of our members and guests is our highest priority.

As of 8pm March 14th, Lambda South will be closed until April 1st. The board did not make this decision lightly. Additional cleaning and disinfection protocols will occur following closure.

Group rents will be waived for the month of April.

We encourage members to stay updated on re-opening by following our Facebook page or go to the Lambda South Home Page. Direct inquiries can be made to the President directly at

Online meeting resources can be found at

Additional COVID-19 information can be found at

In Love and Service,

The Lambda South Board of Directors